3Lights Quarterly Journal

After three successful years of presenting open and solo exhibitions of haiku, senryu and tanka it has been decided that 3Lights Gallery will close at the end of 2009. However, 3Lights will reopen at https://3lights.wordpress.com and will present a digest of haiku and related forms in the shape of a quality quarterly e-zine, presented for free courtesy of scribd.com.

The quarterly editions of the 3Lights Journal will not be dissimilar to the exhibitions that we have previously presented, with the importance placed on the visual aspect of haiku and related forms. Each edition will be illustrated and will also present a ‘featured poet’ section. We hope that by presenting our seasonal exhibitions in the form of an ‘ebook’, free of charge and using the latest e-reading technology, we will have the opportunity to share a greater amount of quality short-form poetry in a more user-friendly format.

For those poets who have already submitted work for our ‘3years’ exhibition, or for those who intend to do so, each of the successful poems will feature in our first edition of the new 3Lights Journal as a celebration of three very happy and successful years of our online venture.

We are now taking submissions of haiku, senryu, tanka and kyoka on any theme for our first edition of the 3Lights Journal, to be published online in January 2010. Please send up to ten unpublished poems to threelightsgallery [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk, along with a brief biography.

Previous exhibitions presented at the 3Lights Gallery will no longer be accessible online, but we are already working on a special ‘best of 3Lights’ ebook, which we hope to release next year.

We hope that submissions will continue to pour in and that you’ll visit our new website at https://3lights.wordpress.com to experience the new and improved 3Lights. More information will follow soon.

With very best wishes,
Liam and Diane Wilkinson
Autumn 2009


The 3Lights Gallery is still open at http://threelightsgallery.com but will close on December 31st 2009. Please visit today to see work by Lorin Ford and Peter Joseph Gloviczki.

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