NEWS: 3LIGHTS Journal of Micropoetry


From autumn 2010, 3LIGHTS will be changing its name to 3LIGHTS: Journal of Micropoetry. Whilst we will continue to accept and promote haiku and its related forms, we will be opening up our submission guidelines to include micropoetry (poems around 140 characters in length). With the rise in popularity of microblogging sites such as Twitter, short poetry is continually gaining momentum and seeking a wider audience. After almost four years, 3LIGHTS will now offer a venue for all quality micropoetry whilst continuing to promote the visual aspects of short-form poetry with the journal’s unique layout and accompanying artwork.

Our submission guidelines for the autumn edition (issue 4) of 3LIGHTS will be published in July.


Please note that from the publication of 3LIGHTS Summer 2010 (issue 3) onwards, we will no longer be including author biographies in our journal. 3LIGHTS has always dedicated itself to showcasing quality short-form poetry and, by omitting author biographies, we feel that more emphasis will be shifted towards the poetry and artwork, highlighting what has always been our main focus – the visual enjoyment of haiku and its related forms. Submission guidelines for our autumn edition will reflect the new changes when they are published in July.

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